Updated September 23 2015

About SimulView on the PlayStation 3D Display

Find out more about SimulView on PlayStation 3, using a PlayStation 3D display and how it works.


SimulView is a special two-player feature unique to the 3D Display in that it significantly enhances two-player mode in select games. Ordinarily, two-player mode is played in split-screen format. With this unique two-player feature, each player gets their own full (2D) HD screen while wearing the 3D Glasses for the 3D Display.

Currently, allowing two players to share one screen often requires a "split screen", with each player only able to use half of the screen.

With the 24" 3D Display and two pairs of 3D glasses, two players can each see a unique view on the same screen, with each player seeing a full screen image.

Can I use SimulView with other Sony 3D TVs?

At this time, the 3D Display is the only display on the market that supports the SimulView two-player gaming feature.

What will I need to play a game with this special two-player feature?

The 3D Display, two pairs of 3D Glasses for the 3D Display, a PlayStation 3 system, a PlayStation 3 game that supports the special two-player feature, and a buddy.

What games support the SimulView feature as of launch? Will future games support SimulView?

The following titles are supported:

  • MotorStorm: 3D Rift
  • MotorStorm Apocalypse
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • Killzone 3
  • Super Stardust HD
  • MLB 12: The Show
  • MLB 13: The Show

There are currently no plans for future games to support SimulView.

Do both players need to use the new 3D Glasses for SimulView to work?

Yes. Each player will need to have a pair of the 3D Glasses for the 3D Display as these are currently the only 3D glasses available that support SimulView.

Do you expect that any existing games will be updated to add SimulView support? 

Yes. We are continuing to evaluate all games that would be candidates for SimulView and working individually with each respective development team to determine if enabling SimulView makes sense. 

Will the 3D Display work with anything other than my PlayStation 3 system?

Yes. While the 3D Display is optimized for any HD gaming console, it features three HD inputs (two HDMI, one component) that allow you to connect to your PlayStation 3 system, cable TV box, and PC. You can also connect your PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable systems using their component video output.