Top Darts™

  • Also on PS3

Take your personal dartboard with you wherever you go.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: XDev Studio Europe
  • Also on PS3
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  • Step up to the oche, aim your dart and throw using precise touchscreen and rear touch pad controls.
  • Select from nine classic darts games, including 501 and Cricket, as well as four brand new darts-themed experiences.
  • Challenge up to seven friends to take part in turn-based matches to decide the ultimate arrows player.
  • Take pictures of your favourite scenes and people and customise your very own dartboard.
Top Darts NGP screenshot

“To the oche”

Whether you want to throw darts in an Irish pub, a picturesque beach bar or an exclusive nightclub, Top Darts has a perfect venue for you. An authentic range of establishments have been recreated for you to step into and launch your arrows in a wide range of challenges.

There's even a selection of dartboards to choose from - be it a traditional board or an unusual novelty one. You can even create your own target, featuring any of the images you've taken using either of your PS Vita system's cameras.

Adding more authenticity - and fun - to the game is legendary sports commentator Sid Waddell. His iconic, charismatic phrases, the cheering crowd and a range of fantastic locations make for an amazing darts experience on the move.

Before you step up to the oche, head to PlayStation Store to download Top Darts to your PS Vita when it launches in February 2012.

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Your own personal dartboard

Thanks to Top Darts on PlayStation Vita, you can now take your own dartboard anywhere and everywhere. Whether you're a big darts fan or a new player, the game includes a short tutorial so you can get to grips with a range of darts games and the PS Vita system's intuitive touch controls.

Aim your darts with precision by pressing the touchscreen. Simply draw your finger down the touchscreen, and then flick it upwards to send your dart sailing towards the target. Try to keep your movements smooth and straight, just as you would in a real darts match, to make sure every throw is on course and powerful.

Along with classic darts games such as Nine Lives and 501, you can tackle quickfire arcade games such as Stack-up; can you hit a succession of numbers on the board with speed as they appear on-screen? It's a great way to familiarise yourself with the board, and will also help you brush up on your aiming.

You'll be feeling like a pro in no time, so why not take your picture using the front camera on your PS Vita system and create your profile? Build your perfect darts set and step up to the oche in tournaments, quick matches or arcade games.

Top Darts NGP screenshot

Step up to the competition

Top Darts on PS Vita not only provides you with a brand new way to play on the move, it also encompasses the spirit of healthy competition.

Sign in to PlayStation Network and you can take on up to seven of your friends, playing on either a PlayStation 3 or PS Vita system. Using turn-based cross-play, throw your darts in one of the classic matches and then wait for your opponents to have their go. Even if they're not online when you take your turn, they'll receive a notification so they know when it's their go.

Alternatively, up to four players can join in the fun by simply passing one PS Vita system between them in turn-based matches to decide the ultimate arrows player.

Don't forget, if you buy the PS Vita version of Top Darts from PlayStation Store, you can then download the PS3 version for free, and vice versa. So, if you already own the PS3 version, you can get your hands on Top Darts as soon as you pick up your PS Vita. Head to PlayStation Store to download the ultimate portable darts experience when it launches in February 2012.

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