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Ratchet & Clank

PlayStation Exclusives
  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Insomniac Games

    A bright new beginning

    Intergalactic wonder

    This is how PlayStation legends are born – and you’re about to witness it first-hand in a fantastic new way. Closely following the vision of the forthcoming animated movie, relive the laugh a minute tale of how furry Lombax mechanic Ratchet became pals with the rebellious sentry robot Clank.

    Spacesuit up for this reimagined, adrenaline charged adventure packed full of new gameplay, bosses and levels not seen in the PlayStation original. Save the galaxy with even more guns and gadgets added to the series’ already inventive arsenal – and enjoy it all with amazing footage from the movie itself and glorious in-game visuals that take advantage of the PS4 system’s world-shaking power.

    • Players

      1 Players

    • Vibration Function

      Vibration Function

    • PS4 Pro Enhanced

      PS4 Pro Enhanced


    See it in action

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    Big personalities...

    Meet the cast


    Fast and furriest


    Get acquainted with the universe’s last Lombax, Ratchet. After crash landing on Veldin as an infant, he was taken in by Grimroth and began work as a local ship mechanic. Ratchet has a big heart and always dreamed he was destined for greater things in the galaxy.  His world gets turned upside down the day his soon-to-be best buddy, Clank, careens into his life and leads him on a journey that will span the galaxy.

    Rarely seen without a gadget in hand, Ratchet is the kind of Lombax that likes to shoot first and ask questions later…  and then maybe shoot some more after that. What he lacks in stature he more than makes up for in technological wizardry, overcoming enemies and obstacles with a range of sweet signature tech and mad-cap weaponry.

    Miniature malfunction


    Meet the diminutive, defective war bot affectionately known as Clank. Despite being a living computer filled with data, Clank has only lived for a short time, and retains a child-like curiosity. Ratchet’s long-time collaborator in all things adventure-y and a fated son of the cosmos, Clank is the persistent voice of reason to Ratchet’s rash and ready approach.

    Born out of a Zoni-aided malfunction in the Warbot Factory on the planet Quartu, Clank’s origins are long a mystery – even to himself – as he travels about with his buddy Ratchet.  More cool-headed than his contemporary, Clank prefers to use his wits and leaves the shooting to others.


    Talking a good fight

    Captain Qwark

    You’ve not heard of Captain Copernicus L. Qwark? What kind of space rock have you been living under all these years? Regarded by many in the universe as a paragon of heroic virtue – courageous, compassionate and handsome – there’s actually a lot less to Qwark than might initially meet the eye.

    A professional fraudster driven by ruthless ambition, the true story of his ascent to intergalactic renown is actually far less heroic than he’d have you believe. Typically motivated by his own personal agenda, it can be hard to know if he represents a friend or a foe. 


    Money talks

    Chairman Drek

    The very face of corporate greed and the executive dictator of terraforming company Blarg Industries, Chairman Drek is the purest capitalist you’re ever likely to meet. This fast-talking and despicable Blarg has rampaged his way across the galaxy, leaving millions homeless in his ruthless pursuit of a perfect new home-world.

    Drek is the most powerful being from Quartu, a world ruined by over-population and toxic pollution. He’ll stop at nothing to create a perfect new home-world, even if it means destroying planets across the galaxy to steal the pieces of their world for his new masterpiece. 


    Come in ranger

    Cora Veralux

    Strong-willed and intelligent, Cora Veralux has dreamed of being a Galactic Ranger since she was a little girl. A young Markazian from the Polaris system, Cora views Ratchet with some suspicion after he quickly joins the team she had trained her whole life to join.

    A capable combatant and tactician who’s fearless in battle, Cora is trained to use a wide range of firearms and can definitely be counted on in a sticky situation


    Get to know your gear...

    Weapons of destruction

    • Omniwrench

      Where would a mechanic be with his trusty wrench? A tool for all seasons, the Omniwrench is perfect mending, breaking or even bashing heads. A life-saver when the ammo starts to run low, but probably not much use against the big guys!

    • Buzz Blades

      Handy little havoc-causers these: think of the Buzz Blades as a high-speed game of pass-the-parcel, only much more dangerous. Unleash ragged, razor-sharp discs that’ll ricochet around the room, bouncing off walls, enemies and pretty much everything in their way. Chaos guaranteed.

    • Plasma Striker

      The bigger they are, the… better off you are keeping your distance. With three levels of zoom, this precision rifle is the thinking man’s weapon of choice. It’ll even handily pick-out enemy weak points for you – hit ‘em where it hurts, ranger!

    • The Bouncer

      Great when the going gets tough, the Bouncer is the perfect partner for crowd control. Decimate entire rooms and send enemies sprawling with powerful omni-grenades that unleash a barrage of magnetic bouncing bombs!

    • Predator Launcher

      Fight or flight? Why not both? With target-locking technology, the Predator Launcher allows you to unleash a deadly barrage of guided missiles without even pausing to aim. This huge damage dealer will also track multiple targets at once – indispensable in times of peril.

    • The Warmonger

      Not for the faint of heart, the Warmonger boasts the kind of raw planet-quaking power you’ll need only for the toughest enemies. Keep this gargantuan rocket launcher to one side until you’ll really need it.

    • The Groovitron

      Pull the trigger on your own pop-up party with the Groovitron. Unleashing sick beats and a disco-ball light show, catch your enemies off guard while they're busy cutting some sweet shapes – just make sure there’s a dance floor available.

    • The Pixelizer

      Great for dispatching anybody who’s getting up in your grill, the Pixelizer is your instant gateway to 8-bit heaven. Turn the clock back on your enemies with this close-range cannon and reduce them to a stack of pre-polygonal pixels. Highly effective – and hilarious!

    • The Sheepinator

      Take on the baaaaad guys in style by transmogrifying them into the humblest of herbivores, a sheep. Yes, as ridiculous, irresponsible and downright hilarious as it sounds, the Sheepinator also boasts unlimited ammo, so what the flock are you waiting for?


    Need a little help?

    A Lombax's guide to the galaxy

    Get the skinny on all the universe's goofiest gadgets, most treacherous villains and sought-after collectibles.

    Our official guide includes galactic maps to help you get around, bios on the key characters and an in-depth Q&A with game director Chad Dezern, revealing exactly what it took to bring Ratchet and Clank to PlayStation 4.  

    Enhanced for PS4 Pro

    This game is PS4 Pro enhanced – which means it’s been updated to support the super-charged power of leading-edge technology.

    Enjoy the benefits of enhanced graphics, frame rate or increased resolution – playable at 1080p on HD TV*.


    PlayStation Hits

    With Ratchet & Clank as part of the PlayStation Hits range, you can pick up this fantastic action-adventure for a wallet friendly price – along with a huge selection of other PS4 titles.


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