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One Piece: Burning Blood

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe S.A.S
  • Developer: SpikeChunsoft Ltd.

    This game is currently unavailable in Saudi Arabia.

    Your favourite characters are here

    An everlasting flame

    Game characters

    Your favourite characters are here

    An everlasting flame

    Ignite the blaze of battle in a dynamic and colourful new fighting game featuring One Piece’s most famous pirate: Monkey D. Luffy. With crazy action and devastating combos, this three-on-three rumble lets you choose from a variety of characters, including Sabo, Ace, Enel, Crocodile and Bartolomeo.

    Feel the heat with special moves granted by Logia Devil Fruits and Haki, to take down the fiercest of opponents.

    • Players

      1-2 Players

    • Network Players

      2 Network Players

    • 1080i


    • Dolby 5.1

      Dolby 5.1


    A pirate’s life for you

    Buccaneer buddies

    Go online to become blood brothers and skirmish sisters with other players across the world, with PlayStation Plus.


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