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No Man's Sky - Standard Edition

No Man's Sky - Standard Edition

Whether you choose to be a warrior, trader, scientist or to simply explore the endless universe of No Man’s Sky, your journey into the unknown reaches of the galaxy begins here.

Reach beyond the stars

Limited Edition

Plot your course through the galaxy with the enhanced No Man’s Sky Limited Edition, containing:

  • Exclusive Steel Book case.
  • An art book exploring the visual style of the No Man’s Sky universe.
  • A comic book inspired by the lore of No Man’s Sky.
  • A PS4 dynamic theme.
  • Early access to in-game content to get you started on your journey.

Yours for the taking

Begin your journey with these special items*

  • Rezosu Z65

    This versatile multi-tool has the plasma upgrade pre-installed, letting you mine resources faster and stay safer on hostile worlds.

  • Prime Vector

    Give your intergalactic travel a boost with this attack ship, pre-upgraded with powerful lasers and a hyperdrive to jump between solar systems.

  • 10,000 Units

    Upgrade your ship, suit or weapons or purchase exotic resources from any of the galactic traders you’ll encounter with this universal currency.


*Pre-order items may differ between retailers – check with your online store to see what’s on offer.

Your universe, your PS4

Limited edition PS4 faceplate

Make your mark on the universe with this limited edition custom faceplate for your PS4 console.

Inspired by the No Man’s Sky steelbook edition cover art, this faceplate features the game’s iconic Atlas symbol on a stylish metallic effect background.