Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter

Ex-special Ops officer Mace Griffin heads up Warthog's unique first person shooter, which seamlessly melds trigger squeezing action with space flight combat

  • Release Date: TBC
  • Genre: Shooter / Action
  • Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
  • Developer: Warthog

    In a crazy modern twist on the classic Spaghetti western genre, Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter takes all the gun-slinging action into outer space, and steps nonchalantly into the spurs of the strong, silent anti-hero, hell-bent on justice.

    After being framed for the death of his space-cruising compadres and wrongly imprisoned for ten years, Griffin emerges from maximum security prison feeling, understandably, a little piqued. The lone space ranger decides the only way to clear his name and vent his anger is to go into the bounty hunting business, and locate the people responsible for putting him behind bars. This is where you come in, taking on the role of Griffin, scouring the universe in search of bad guys, and generally looking mean 'n' moody - ace!

    The action is largely mission-based, so you'll be charged with completing a variety of tasks that require a combination of stealth, skill and big guns. There are ten different weapons to get acquainted with, and you'll find yourself wielding some spectacularly heavy artillery on your travels. Amongst the ballistic goodies on offer are Mace's trusty shotgun, which you'll find useful for close quarter encounters, and an assault rifle that doubles as a grenade launcher - always handy.

    The missions are based both on land and in space, so you'll use all your FPS expertise when tackling evil-types on terra firma, and your superior flying skills when the action goes intergalactic. Speaking of which, there's the opportunity to pilot six different ships along the way, with everything from alien fighters to massive carriers there for the flying.

    Featuring solid, no-messing shoot 'em up action, seamlessly spliced with flight-based manouevres, Mace Griffin manages to blend two great genres in an entirely convincing and effective way. Oh, and adding to the general authenticity of proceedings are the gravelly tones of rock-god Henry Rollins, who voices Mace himself. Hurrah!


    • Pilot six different spacecraft, from alien fighters to massive carriers

    • Seamless transitions from FPS to fly-and-shoot action

    • Take out the opposition with more than ten different weapons, including a rocket launcher

    • Features the voice talent of Black Flag singer Henry Rollins


    • Players

      1 Players

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      1 Player Types


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