11 Top Tips

Master the Battle Arena

Reach the top of the global leaderboards in Curdun Cay, the super human training facility.

Story mode

  • Blast through story mode to unlock all three Battle Arenas - Alpha, Beta and Gamma, as well as both challenge modes - Rescue and Survival.
  • Collect Lumens, smash police heli-cameras and find every bit of neon graffiti in the story portion of inFAMOUS First Light to quickly gather skill points to upgrade Fetch's abilities.
  • Another great way to earn skill points is through challenges. Take a look at them during the pause menu and plot your own path to unleash the full might of Fetch.


  • Jumping enemies are vulnerable; a well-placed stasis blast can devastate them.
  • Dash strike heavily armoured enemies by sprinting towards them and hitting the SQUARE button - it can knock them right off their feet.
  • Wraiths have a nasty melee attack - use a stasis blast to keep them at bay.
  • Pick off Summoners from a distance with two well-placed neon bolts to their floating orbs. Whilst they aren't attached to the Summoner, they do act as their weak points.
  • Look out for flying turrets - shoot them down and you can find power-ups and score multipliers amongst the wreckage.
  • Don't underestimate the power of enslave - a skill Fetch can master once you've finished story mode. Take down enemies using their weak points and they'll fight on your side for a short time - crucial when dealing with large groups of enemies.

Rescue and Survival

  • A green circle appears on the mini-map a few moments before each hostage appears. Dash across to them quickly and take out the hostage takers before they turn their guns on the hostage.
  • The colour will start to fade from the screen as you take damage. Don't be afraid to sprint away and regroup, or to drain some neon from a nearby source to gather your strength.

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