Decrypt history

Unfurl a mystery buried thousands of years in the past in a narrative-driven puzzle adventure.


Heaven's Vault

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
  • Publisher: inkle
  • Developer: inkle

    Game overview

    Unravel the mysteries of a lost civilisation

    Piece together 5,000 years of history in a narrative-driven archaeological adventure that challenges you to decipher a lost ancient language.

    Following the mysterious disapperance of a talented roboticist, take on the role of archaeologist Aliya Elasra. Aided by her mechanical assistant 'Six', set sail into 'The Nebula' - an ancient network of scattered moons - on a quest to find him.

    Discover lost sites, freely explore ancient ruins and translate inscriptions to reveal the secrets of the Nebula’s past. Clues from a trail of ancient artefacts, inscriptions and lost knowledge are tied together in a unique 'Ink' narrative system, linking present events to secrets that have been buried for millenia…


    Key features

    A diverse world

    Meet, charm, outwit and befriend a range of characters who'll remember everything you say and do and change their approach depending on how you treat them. Some are kind, some are cautious, and others are out to con you.

    Stylish visuals

    Journey through an open world brought to life with a unique visual direcion that mixes 3D rendered landscapes with thousands of frames of hand-drawn character art.

    Dynamic storytelling

    Explore a massively adaptive, non-linear story that can be approached in any order, backed up a narrative engine which remembers every choice made and path followed – and every path missed or forgotten.


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