Everything changes

Experience the new dawn of a demigod. 

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God of War

Only on PlayStation
  • PS4
  • Release Date: 2018
  • Genre: Action / Adventure
  • Publisher: SIEE
  • Developer: Santa Monica Studios

    The monster within

    Control the rage

    The God of War has changed… and this is not the Kratos you know.

    A difficult and unfamiliar road awaits as you explore a stunning retelling of a classic story. Join Kratos as he adventures through a deep and reflective journey of growth, violence and the desire to become a better man for the sake of his son. In a world of monsters, dragons and gods, the weight of responsibility rests heavy on your shoulders – and when your life is filled with blood and chaos, how can you prevent the mistakes of the past in order to protect your future?  

    • 1080p


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    • Players

      1 Players


    Realise your destiny

    A dangerous new era

    This startling reimagining of God of War deconstructs the core elements that defined the series—satisfying combat; breathtaking scale; and a powerful narrative—and fuses them anew.  


    See God of War in action

    Videos and screenshots

    Second Chances

    A bold new narrative

    As mentor and protector to a son determined to earn his respect, Kratos is faced with an unexpected opportunity to master the rage that has long defined him. Questioning the dark lineage he’s passed on to his offspring, he hopes to make amends for the shortcomings – and horrors – of his past.


    A darker world

    Set within the untamed forests, mountains and realms of Norse lore, steel yourself for a distinctively new and dangerous land complete with its own pantheon of creatures, monsters and gods. 


    What do you fight for?

    Vicious, physical combat

    With an intimate, over-the-shoulder free camera that brings the action closer than ever, combat is up close, frenetic and unflinching. Kratos’ powerful magic axe is a brutal weapon as well as a versatile tool for exploration. Always be on your guard. 


    A vision of the future

    God of War concept art

    Envelop yourself within the spellbinding artwork used in the creation of Santa Monica Studios’ epic action adventure. Pay close attention – some of it may prepare you for the trials that lay ahead in Kratos and Atreus’ quest… 


    Behind-the-scenes bestiary

    The monsters of God of War

    Discover some of the terrifying creatures you’ll encounter during your perilous journey.  Witness their transformation from sketch, to digital painting, to a fully animated in-game character. 


    Whispers from the heavens

    God of War podcasts

    Join Myths and Legends podcast host Jason Weiser as he takes you through a series of interviews with the development team behind God of War. 


    Video features

    Uncover the secrets that rest within the Lost Pages of Norse Myth, via this ever-growing collection of video showcases.  


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