FIFA Ultimate Team

Discover everything you need to know about FIFA's most popular mode with our special beginners' guide.


What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team is the only place in FIFA 19 where you can build your dream squad!

Play your brand of football and develop a team chemistry to defeat your opponents in style. With millions of games played daily, there is always an opponent ready for your challenge in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Whether you're looking for the basics of FIFA Ultimate Team or want to go deeper into the most popular game mode in EA SPORTS FIFA, everything you need to know - from player packs and Coins to parental controls. - is here.


Packs, FIFA Points and Coins

Open FUT packs to acquire new players and consumable items that can help you build  your club and enhance your team’s chemistry. Purchase FUT packs using FIFA points, which are available for purchase on your console and select retailers, or Coins that are earned in-game for playing matches, completing challenges, or selling players on the Transfer Market.



Coins are earned in-game by playing matches, completing challenges, or selling players on the transfer market.


In FIFA Ultimate Team, building the best possible side requires strong chemistry between your players. Chemistry starts with placing players from the same club, league, or nationality next to each other in your lineup to create a link. The more elements that match, the stronger the chemistry link.

You can improve a squad’s chemistry in a number of ways:

  • Placing players of the same club, league, or nationality next to one another – the more of these elements that match, the stronger the link will be
  • Putting players in the positions listed on their item
  • Using player items with the “loyalty” bonus, which is only found when the item is obtained via pack or after playing 10 FUT matches with your club. 

Player items

Thousands of player items are available in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team, placed into categories determined by their overall Points and Coins rating. The base types are Bronze, Silver and Gold:


Reserved for players with an overall rating of 75 or above.


Recieved by players with an overall rating of 65-74.


For players with an overall rating anywhere between OVR 0-64.

These base player items are divided further into two rarity types: Common or Rare.

Special player items with enhanced ratings and attributes are also available during specific FUT live events. Get player items by opening FUT packs, buying them on the FUT Transfer Market, or completing Squad Building Challenges.

Transfer Market

The Transfer Market is where you can trade FUT items for Coins that you have earned in FUT 19. Whether you're looking to upgrade your squad or need an item to finish a Squad Building Challenge, you can exchange Coins for player items, consumables, and more. FIFA Points cannot be used on the Transfer Market.



Build your dream squad of superstars from both past and present by adding FUT Icons to your Ultimate Team.

In addition to the Icons found in FIFA 18, brand-new Icons have been added with FIFA 19, each with three distinct versions (known as Stories) that reflect different phases of their careers. These include legendary players such as Steven Gerrard, Raúl, and Johan Cruyff.

Celebrate history
Each Prime ICON has three unique player items, each of which has distinct attributes that reflect that player’s performance during various phases of their career.

Build chemistry
ICONS are a great chemistry fit for any team as they automatically provide a medium link with any player in the squad. Place an ICON next to a regular FUT item from the same nation to create a strong link.

Elevate your play
Adding footballing Icons like Diego Maradona, Steven Gerrard and Ronaldo Nazário to your squad will take your team to the next level.


New modes

UEFA Champions League

For the first time ever, the UEFA Champions League is coming to FIFA Ultimate Team.

Experience the most prestigious club competition like never before as new player items and in-game events are introduced throughout the season to bring the excitement of the tournament to life in FUT.

Squad Battles

In this popular single-player mode, play against the FUT clubs of other players from around the world, controlled by AI at your chosen difficulty level. Every match earns rewards and pushes you up the global leaderboards, which determine where you finish at the end of the week and what rewards you will receive.

As you rack up wins and climb the leaderboards, you can score even better rewards that can help you improve your own squad as you make your way to the higher ranks. There's also a Featured Squad Battle every week in which you can challenge the FUT squads of professional footballers, FIFA players, and celebrities to test your skills even more.

Division Rivals

Discover your place in the FUT community and take on players of a similar skill level from around the world in Division Rivals. In this brand-new mode for FUT 19, you'll compete against others in your Division to earn a selection of weekly rewards to choose from that can help you improve your squad.

Every Division win not only gets you closer to the next Division, it also takes you one step closer to the Weekend League. If you earn enough Weekend League points, you can move on from Division Rivals and test yourself against the best in FUT by entering FUT Champions to earn some of the best rewards in FUT.


Other modes

Squad Building Challenges

Put your club management abilities to the test with Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Assemble players into a squad that meets the unique requirements for that challenge and exchange your completed squad for exciting in-game rewards. 

Like Objectives, Squad Building Challenges can be completed in FUT on your console or on-the-go with the FIFA 18 Web and Companion Apps. 


Put your skills to the test and earn rewards by completing Daily and Weekly FUT Objectives. Make transfers, finetune your squad, and achieve targets on the pitch in matches to earn Coins, packs, and other in-game rewards.

Many of these challenges can be completed right on the Web and Companion Apps. Make sure to check back daily to maximize your rewards.

FUT Draft

Draft a squad and challenge opponents in a tournament to win Coins, packs, and more. This mode will test your teambuilding skills as you pick the best fit for each position from a five-player draw.

Make your FUT Draft choices based on player quality or team chemistry, and then challenge opponents in a series of up to four matches. Earn bigger match prizes as you progress—win all four games in a row to earn the top rewards.

Web and companion app

Because football never stops, keep an eye on your FUT club no matter where you are. The FIFA Companion and Web apps allow you to remain connected to the world of FUT 19 anywhere at any time.

Featuring full management of your FUT Club, the FIFA 19 Companion and Web apps will enable you to prepare yoursquad for your next big match, bid on a last-minute transfer, complete a Squad Building Challenge, or improve your club with exciting new player items and more from packs using Coins or FIFA Points.

With full integration between the Companion App, Web App, and your console, your club will always be up-to-date regardless of where you are playing. Once you have created a club in FUT 19 on your console or PC, you can begin using the Web and Companion Apps for club and squad management. Continue playing matches in FUT 19 on your console to unlock access to the Transfer Market.


Parental controls

When accessing FIFA Ultimate Team online via the Companion App or Web App, it is possible to set up the account for your child and place any restrictions you wish on the FIFA Ultimate Team online account.

If you’re setting up an Origin Account (needed to access the Web app) for your child, we suggest first creating your own Origin Account, and then using the email registered on your Origin Account as the “Parental Email” when setting up your child’s account. This will ensure you’re able to contact customer support whenever your child has an issue.

Also, there is no need to put your credit card details on the console/system in order to allow the gamer to purchase packs. Simply pick up a FIFA Points card at your local retailer – this way you’ll be able to purchase points without ever having to supply your card details online.

Alongside these in-game restrictions, the PS4 also has a comprehensive range of parental controls that allow you to carefully manage the content and features your children have access to.

You can learn more about these and how to set them up on our dedicated pages.