Planets of the Concord Galaxy

Get to know the announced worlds and locations, and check back as more are unveiled.


Chaotic waves hide deadly sea creatures of monstrous proportions on this ocean world at the heart of the intergalactic food supply chain.


A once-tropical planet now in the midst of an extinction-level event that has left the landscape littered with the skeletal remains of massive creatures known as Vastadons.


This twin-sun desert world has a scorching, arid climate with whipping winds, making it the perfect home for salt evaporation fields used in the production of FTL starship fuel. 


On the edge of the galaxy and famed for its desirable starlight fruit, this moon has many secrets both past and present.

Location Details

Located on Leviathan

Water Hazard

On the stormy, water-covered planet of Leviathan, a massive, armored Morack eel has been caught and is being harvested on a large floating fishing platform. Take on rival crews across the platform and within the jaws of the Morack that's been strung up at a central harvesting site.

Located on Akkar

Bone Mines

The remains of a massive Vastadon on the tropical planet Akkar have become the site of a lucrative Guild mining operation. Fight through the excavated bones, gigantic eggs and mining caverns in a mix of close-quarters and mid-range combat.

Located on Glance

Salt Palace

The opulent estate of a powerful Salt Lord positioned atop a bluff on the planet Glance, Salt Palace offers a variety of sculpted courtyards and lavish terraces for intense battles.

Located on Gloom

Robot Ruins

Fight beneath the ruins of a giant war robot that fell upon an ancient temple located on the distant world of Gloom.