The nightmares of Yharnam

The creatures and settings of Bloodborne – and the weapons you’ll need to survive.


A cursed land

Welcome to Yharnam

Throughout the ages, the city of Yharnam has lain under an ancient curse; a nightmare known only as the Scourge of the Beast.

The curse infects the city’s inhabitants, making those affected lose all sense of reason and humanity, transforming them into hideous creatures that stalk the streets. Streets which are darkly sinister – but at the same time hauntingly beautiful.

Yharnam’s only hope are the Hunters – guardians who rise up to cleanse the terrifying streets night after night.


A Hunter’s weapons

  • Wield the Saw Cleaver and a Hunter controls an iconic weapon from Yharnam’s craftsmen. At close range it rapidly cuts through flesh and bone; when extended, a Hunter can deal heavier long range blows.
  • The razor-sharp Hunter Axe can inflict devastating damage on multiple enemies in a single scything arc, making it ideal for crowd control and assaults on single targets alike.

Horrifying transformations

The beasts of Yharnam

Those affected by the Scourge of the Beast quickly become unspeakable abominations, roaming the streets every night…

The call of the hunt

Prey in the shadows

Due to the infestation of the scourge, mobs of Hunters who took part in the beast hunt have become infected themselves.

The fever-like urge to hunt remains, but now their prey has changed to be the last remaining humans, seeing the innocents of Yharnam as the true beasts through the dark eyes of the infected.

Ancient and deadly

Death on wheels

These wheelchair mobs are a relic of Yharnam’s past; rich, elderly men in wheelchairs wielding a shotgun as defence against the scourge… but who have now fallen to the scourge themselves.

Skeletal terror

A shocking horror

The long, sinewy body of this beast is comprised almost entirely of bones. It attacks its victims with jerky, erratic movements, while discharging electrical currents through its twisted, ancient body. 

Colossal evil

Savagery incarnate

The Cleric Beast is undoubtedly one of the largest malformed creatures that Hunters will encounter; its emaciated form belies its immense power, and its piercing cry will make even a hardened Hunter think twice.