Chalice Dungeons

Dare you visit Yharnam’s underworld?


The nightmares below

Face your fears

Below Yharnam, vast underground ruins spread deep beneath the decaying town. Ancient and full of horrors, the Chalice Dungeons appear to have been created by a malevolent force… who doesn’t welcome visitors.

What’s more, the dungeons shift their appearance for every Hunter who enters them, changing their structure each time the holy chalice ritual is performed.

Face them alone, or with fellow Hunters across the world; the only thing you’re certain to find is your worst nightmare…


What lies beneath?

  • Traps: throughout the tunnels and hallways, deadly traps – like razor-sharp guillotines – are hidden from unsuspecting Hunters.
  • Architecture: the Chalice Dungeons contain a vast array of areas, from narrow hallways to grand, ornate halls, to murky swamps and rocky pathways.
  • Your own creations: the dungeons are an ever-shifting landscape – create your own catacombs, or download dungeons created by other Bloodborne players.

In the shadows

Dungeon threats

Guardians of the deep


Protectors roam the depths, keeping guard over the silent dungeons. Born in the foul depths and living off of blood and rotting flesh, they are cold and damp, with bluish-white skin that has never been touched by sunlight and pitch black eyes sunk deep into their sockets.

Deadly ceremonies

Ritual Masters

The Chalice Dungeons are both a sinister tomb and a resting place for something dark and foul that slumbers in the depths below. Whatever that creature may be, the Ritual Masters carry out horrifying ceremonies in worship to their foul overlord.

Hounds of hell

Ancient Guard Dog

Enormous, savage guard dogs lay in wait for anyone foolish enough to enter the Chalice Dungeons. With a petrified stone body and surrounded in the flames of hell, these hounds of the darkness belong to a master lying deep within the ruins, with one order: to kill.