Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

An ancient nightmare approaches… 


Cleanse your nightmares

The Old Hunters

Welcome to a terrifying world of Hunters past, rife with new and deadly dangers, horrific beasts and great rewards for those brave – and skilled – enough to earn them.

Uncover the forgotten tales of these brutal Hunters, trusted with guarding the terrible secrets of Byrgenwerth – and keeping the dreadful truth of Blood Healing hidden.

Venture into three new and perilous hunting grounds; The Hunter's Nightmare, Research Hall and the Fishing Hamlet. Add new outfits and deadly weapons to your inventory and master unholy magic to face the horrors that lurk in these hunting grounds… and try to harness your transformation into the Beast.


Unspeakable horrors

New foes for Old Hunters

Prepare to face long forgotten dangers as an ancient blood thirst draws vicious beasts into Yharnam’s hunting grounds. New allies will steer your course to salvation, while monstrous creatures guard the path to a boss enemy of terrifying legend – Ludwig.

Unseen outfits

New garb for an ancient battle

Yharnam’s ancient hunting grounds call for new tactical decisions – including which of the new clothing sets will give the best protection or skills boost as you face off against the terrors of the past.


New weapons, deadly tactics

Hunters will have 10 new, transformable weapons to wield – including Simon’s Bowblade, giving extra ranged combat options to those who prefer to shed blood from afar.


Scenes of horror