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Asterix at the Olympic Games

Do you have the Gaul to succeed at the Olympic Games?

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Atari
  • Developer: Etranges Libellules
    Asterix Featured Image

    Based on the live action feature film of the same name, Asterix at the Olympic Games follows the legendary Gaul Asterix, his friend Obelix and the faithful Dogmatix as they travel to Greece in aid of their lovesick friend Alafolix. Their journey takes them to the Olympic Games where they find themselves pitted against the athletic might of the Roman Empire, including the likes of Brutus and the heroes' long-time nemesis, Julius Caesar.

    • Play as either Asterix or Obelix, switching characters on the fly and unlock sporting challenges
    • Participate in the hammer throw, long jump, sprint and many other events
    • Antique mode lets players assume any one of 12 characters to go head-to-head with either the computer or a friend in a host of contests


    • Players

      1-2 Players


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