7 essential tips to prepare you for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Get up-to-date with all things Monster Hunter: World ahead the release of the Iceborne expansion on 8th September. We’re going back to basics, so lapsed players and brave new hunters gather round, and we’ll get you up to speed.


1. Know your level

Check out the new story trailer from Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

You’ll need to reach Hunter Rank (HR) 16 before you can unlock new missions in Iceborne’s Hoarfrost Reach region. If you’ve not hit that level yet, then it’s time to get back on the trail and rank-up – either way, read our tips to give yourself a running start.

Iceborne top tip:

Once you’ve reached the proper level, look for the hunting party waiting by the main gates at Astera – they’ll have a special logo above their heads. Talk to them to begin your journey to Hoarfrost Reach.


2. Don’t just hunt – gather!

Pick up everything. The resources you carve off felled beasts will be the most valuable, but seeds, fish, flowers, insects and ores are also essential. Grab as much as you can while you’re out there.

There’s no traditional levelling system, so you’ll need to craft and upgrade your gear to take down tougher foes. The materials you collect are central to this, so loot like your life depends on it (it probably does)!

Items such as herbs and honey are also invaluable for healing, while fish can be used in cooking to create ability-boosting meals back at camp, so don't pass these up either!

Iceborne top tip:

The freezing temperatures of Hoarfrost Reach will eat your stamina rapidly – collect local flora and craft warming Hot Drinks to keep the cold at bay.


3. Pick your battles

Success in Monster Hunter World depends on planning, skill and endurance. Most enemies will take time to bring down, so you’ll have to stay on them to succeed.

Planning is key. Pay attention to your Scout Flies (more details below) and your Hunter’s Notes will begin to fill-up details about each monster. Use them to identify strengths and weakness, such as vulnerable body parts or elemental resistances, and plan accordingly.

Iceborne top tip:

Many of the initial beasts you’ll meet in Iceborne inflict new types of damage – including the crippling Hoarfrost blast – so make sure to study up on each foe and bring what you need (Nulberries for cold damage!).


4. Make friends

While a one-on-one battle between man and beast is truly exhilarating, some fights are better with friends – or even strangers!

If you’re getting beat-down a little too often, or if a particular beast is giving you a headache, bring some friends along (up to three) to even the odds. Failing that, you can always summon help mid-battle using the ‘SOS Flare’ (check your menu!). This handy gadget will send out a distress signal inviting other hunters to join your game and help you out!

Iceborne top tip:

The new Gathering Hub on Hoarfrost Reach has been reworked to allow easier access to bounties, investigations and more, so be sure to check by and make a few friends!


5. Hone your skills

Raining down indiscriminate blows on a foe is no way to get ahead in Monster Hunter: World. Foes are tough and if you’re just wailing blindly, you’ll be in for a long slog.

Start by choosing a weapon that suits you: swords, shields, heavy, ranged… there’s something for everyone. Experiment in the training area and familiarise yourself move-sets using triangle for fast attacks and circle for heavy – maybe even make time to master a few combos – and you’ll instantly be better prepared.

Once in the thick of, don’t be greedy. Dodge as necessary, back off when you need to and when you see your opponent finally flagging – limping, drooling or struggling – go in fast and hard for the kill.

Iceborne top tip:

The expansion introduces a new item called the ‘Clutch Claw’ (mapped to L2). Use this to zip rapidly towards a beast and land a crippling blow or hook the beast by the snout to throw it off-balance.


6. Stay sharp

Your total stamina will deplete over time, particularly if you succumb to the cold on Hoarfrost Reach, so top it up by eating between frays. Endurance plays a major part in victory, so dash away when you need to heal or buff.

Last of all, bladed weapons blunt over time, so keep an eye on the sharpness meter (right beneath your health). When the blade turns dull, create a little distance and grab the whetstone from your quick item menu (L1) to bring it back up to maximum damage.

Iceborne top tip:

With the new expansion, sharpness can now reach a ‘purple’ rating – upgrade you weapons and make every hit count!


7. Pay attention to your Scout Flies

Those glowing green insects following you around are your best buddies (well aside from your Palico). They’ll highlight everything worthwhile out in the field - valuable resources, animal tracks and other important clues – so make sure you keep an eye on them.

Monster tracks will improve your understanding of your foes – strengths, weakness and more - and your Scout Flies’ ability to track it. Collect enough intel and they’ll home in on your quarry like a laser beam. Take care of them and they’ll take care of you.

Iceborne top tip:

In the freezing temperatures of Hoarfrost Reach the last thing you want to be doing is running in circles and depleting your strength! Highlight your quarry on the map screen and your Scout Flies will constantly track it for you.