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Jump into a world where your best friend could be your deadliest rival. All you need is a PlayStation Plus membership.


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Not braved the world of online multiplayer via your PS4 yet? Don’t worry. Help is at hand. Give yourself a head start with our tips on some of the most popular games around.



This month’s hottest PS4 games

  • Bloodborne

    Explore Yharnam online with PlayStation Plus allies.

  • Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves

    Expand your adventure with new story missions, multiplayer maps and a co-operative Strike.

  • Mortal Kombat X

    The most intense Mortal Kombat ever bares its knuckles on PS4. Challenge your friends.

Pass on the fun

Share Play on PS4

Need back-up in a tricky situation or a second set of eyes? Then invite your friends to join you in-game even if they don’t own their own copy, with Share Play. Only on PS4.

Plan your next session

PlayStation Community events

Make sure you don’t miss out on multiplayer events organised by the official PlayStation Community. Sharpen your skills and prove them against some of the most passionate players on the planet.


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Why keep your brilliance to yourself?

  • Broadcast your live gameplay via Twitch, or upload and edit clips and images with a touch of the SHARE button.
  • Chat with friends using the included headset and its built-in mic.
  • Use the Party feature to voice and text chat with your friends and fellow players. 

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