Great couch multiplayer PS4 games to enjoy with friends  

Get your hands on a massive variety of cooperative or competitive games that don’t need an online connection to play.

Triangle Circle Shapes
Square Cross Shapes

Mortal Kombat 11

PEGI 18 | Competitive, 2 players
How quick is a game session? A three-round bout can be played in under five minutes.

There are few beat ‘em ups in gaming history that can hang with the iconic NeatherRealm Studios series, delivering some of the most brutal competitive fighting available on PlayStation. 

Best played with: Old school action movie fans who need to unwind after a frustrating day at work. 


Knack II

PEGI 7 | Co-op, 2 player
How quick is a game session? 
10 minutes.

Buddy up with a friend and take down a dastardly mechanised army as the unlikely shape-shifting super weapon: Knack.

Best played with: The younger gamer eager to be introduced to the platforming genre.


WipEout Omega Collection

PEGI 7 | Competitive, 2 player
How quick is a game session? Five minutes or so for a race.

Roar around futuristic racetracks in rocket-like ships, using skill and well-aimed weaponry to beat your opponents to the finishing line.

Best played with: The sci-fi fan who is impatiently waiting to experience the future.


GT Sport

PEGI 3 | Competitive, 2 player
How quick is a game session? A quick whizz around the track will take you five minutes.

Go head-to-head in the ultimate motorsport duel, as you and a friend get behind some of the world's most powerful sports cars in a race to the finish line.

Best played with: That petrolhead with hundreds of car magazines in their garage.



PEGI 3 | Competitive, 2 player
How quick is a game session? You'll win (or lose) one multi-round match in under 10 minutes.

Imagine the purity of two-player arcade classic Pong, the intense strategy of ultimate frisbee and an explosion of colourful 80s lycra. That's Windjammers: a unique spin on arcade sports games. 

Best played with: The fitness fanatic friend who needs inspiration for their gym-wear.

EA Sports FIFA 19

PEGI 3 | Co-op and competitive, for up to 22 players
How quick is a game session? 
Around five minutes.

Compete against your football fanatic friends for bragging rights in the most iconic stadiums across the world. Go head-to-head in classic matches or set up custom games and ditch all the rules.

Best played with: Anyone obsessed with the sport, especially your fantasy football rivals…


Divinity Original Sin 1/2

PEGI 18 | Cooperative - 1-2 players (Divinity: Original Sin), 1-4 players (Divinity: Original Sin II)
How quick is a game session? About an hour or two.

Team up with a friend and explore a living, breathing RPG world filled with dangerous creatures, dastardly enemies and chests of glorious loot.

Best played with: A close friend or partner with a hint of magic about them... 


PEGI 3 | Competitive, 1-4 players
How quick is a game session? 
Each mini-game will only take a few minutes but you’ll want to set aside around 20 minutes for a full session.

Challenge your friends to a series of whacky mini-games, using your smart device. Secret messages from the sneaky Fox can help sabotage your foes, but beware – you’re not the only one he’s helping…

Best played with: The family prankster.



PEGI 3 | Competitive, 1-4 players
How quick is a game session? A quick game will take up to five minutes, but some sessions can go on for longer.

Time for some fun in the jungle with this boisterous PlayLink party game. Grab a smart device and monkey about with friends and family across 18 wild mini-games.

Best played with: Anyone no matter their age, but its one-button gameplay will definitely suit younger players.

Knowledge is Power: Decades

PEGI 3 | Competitive, 2-6 players
How quick is a game session? A full session lasts 15-20 minutes, but a quick game can be finished in five minutes.

Grab your smart device and test your pop culture knowledge against your peers. Win by using your wits, or laugh maniacally in your friends’ faces as you use Power Plays to lock their screens or zip up their answers.

Best played with: That one friend who thinks they know everything…


That's You!

PEGI 12 | Competitive, 2-6 players
How quick is a game session? Around 30 minutes. 

How well do you really know your friends and family? Grab your smart device and find out, via one of the PlayLink range’s most popular titles – a hilariously cheeky quiz that asks questions such as who’s most likely to order a take away and pretend they cooked it? 

Best played with? Anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Don’t forget, you can adjust the question types, or even add your own if you want to keep it family friendly. 

Taiko No Tatsujin

PEGI 3 | Competitive, 1-2 players
How quick is a game session? Songs last between two and four minutes, play as many or as few as you like!

The ultimate battle of the beats; grab your 'don' and keep time with some of Japan's most memorable music from games, anime, pop culture and more.

Best played with: That one friend or family member who's always drumming on the table.


Overcooked 2

PEGI 3 | Co-op and competitive, 2-4 players
How quick is a game session? 
Five minutes.

Work with (or against) your friends as you try to cook in a chaotic kitchen that constantly moves around you. Fight off the Unbread, save the Onion Kingdom... and likely shout at your loved ones while doing it.

Best played with: Anyone who doesn’t mind a messy kitchen.


PEGI 3 | Competitive, 2-4 players
How quick is a game session? 
10 minutes.

The classic card game is a perfect fit for the PlayLink series. No controllers required, just download the app on your smartphone and kick off a few rounds. Just the thing for family gatherings.

Best played with: Who doesn't like Uno? This one's for everyone - no matter what their gaming credentials are.


LEGO DC Super Villains

PEGI 7 | Co-op, 2 players
How quick is a game session?
Drop in and out of the adventure whenever you like.

Everyone knows that the bad guys have the most fun, so what could be better than wreaking havoc with a baddie buddy – either as your own created evildoer, or from a roster of rogues including The Joker, Gorilla Grodd and many more.

Best played with: Mischief makers of all ages.

The Playroom VR

PEGI 3 | Co-op and competitive, 2-5 players
How quick is a game session? 
Most of the mini-games will last a few minutes each. 

A PS VR game that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face, this virtual reality toybox is packed with six playful mini-games. Only one headset is required, so grab a bunch of Dualshock 4 wireless controllers and prepare for a party. 

Best played with: Fans of the incredible Astro Bot Rescue Mission looking to continue their fun.  


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

PEGI 3 | Co-op, the number of players is only limited by how many people can see the manual 
How quick is a game session? 
Each bomb timer is set to five minutes.

This ingenious ''asymmetrical' PS VR multiplayer game has one player using the headset to tackle a ticking bomb, while the others desperately use the supplied manual to search for clues on how to defuse it. Tense, original and a perfect night in with friends.

Best played with: Only those with a steady hand and calm disposition need apply...


PEGI 7 | Co-op and competitive, 2-4 players
How quick is a game session? 
Sub-two minute speedruns have been known... 

Grab ropes, bombs, eggplants and whatever else you need to make a perfect run through the caverns of Spelunky with a fellow adventurer. You’ll definitely need nerves of steel and sharp reflexes though, as this addictive platformer is not for the faint-hearted.

Best played with: Someone who doesn't mind sharing their stash of bombs (and isn't going to anger the shopkeeper). 


Soulcalibur VI

PEGI 16 | Competitive, 2 player
How quick is a game session? 
One three-round match can be played in under five minutes.

This one-on-one beat 'em up has a roster packed with weapon-wielding fighters. Its easy-to-pull-off combos and super moves, make for satisfyingly flashy fights, even for first-timers.

Best played with: The weapons historian in your group, whose head will probably explode trying to place all the different types of blades used in the game.

Guacamelee! 2

PEGI 12 | Cooperative, 1-4 players
How quick is a game session?
 It's a big game to explore but players can drop-in and drop-out as desired.

The sequel to 2013's brilliant luchador-themed combat platformer lets you bring a chum along for the ride. Unlock abilities, grapple all manner of monsters and restore order to your homeland.

Best played with: Nimble-thumbed platformer enthusiasts and/or taco-loving pro wrestlers.


Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

PEGI 12 | Competitive, 2 player
How quick is a game session?
Under five minutes.

Capcom's illustrious fighting franchise is at the top of its game with the feature and character-filled Arcade version. There's a fighter and style to fit everyone's taste, while the game's colourful visuals will entertain curious onlookers. 

Best played with: The martial arts master who needs to sharpen their Shoryuken.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

PEGI 18 | Co-op and competitive, 2-4 players (vs up to 100)
How quick is a game session? 
Land in the wrong place and it's all over in seconds. Fight well, and you could be in the arena for around 30 minutes.

The Black Ops series has joined the Battle Royale fray with an all-new Blackout mode, and choosing to play as a duo means working together to scavenge for weapons, pilot choppers and fight through a vast map to be the last pair standing.

Best played with: The trigger-happy tactician who's always got your back.


Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle

PEGI 16 | Co-op, 2-4 players
How quick is a game session? 
One level of any game will take around five minutes to complete, but with unlimited continues, free up 30 minutes to see a full game through.

Capcom packs seven classic side-scrolling beat 'em ups into one collection. Battle against enemy hordes across fantasy lands, futuristic sci-fi landscapes and more with an eclectic cast of super-powered combatants.

Best played with: The older sibling who's nostalgic for the arcade halls of childhood.