Updated 24 Φεβρουαρίου 2020

Content was installed on PlayStation 3 but will not play

This article explains what might stop you from playing content that you have installed and how to fix the issue.

  1. Wrong account used to launch the game

Some downloaded content uses Network Digital Rights Management (NDRM) to protect the copyright owners. To play content protected by NDRM, sign in to the PlayStation Network account that made the purchase and try again. You can check the transaction history of your account to find out whether the content was purchased on it.

  1. The PlayStation 3 is not activated on your account

If you are downloading content to this PlayStation 3 system from your PlayStation Network account for the first time, this will usually activate the system. Make sure that the system is activated on your account by activating it and deactivate a device if you have reached the device activation limit.

  1. If the content is age rated you might not be able to start it

If you are using a local user account assigned to a sub account then you will not be able to play content rated above the age of the account holder whether any parental controls are set up or not.

  1. Make sure you have purchased content from the right PlayStation Store

Content purchased from SEN Europe may not be compatible with software, systems or other Sony systems licensed for sale outside Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

If you have purchased and downloaded content purchased from a PlayStation Store which is in a different region to the region your PlayStation 3 was licensed for you might find that you cannot start the content.

If you are trying to use DLC for a disc product, check that they are compatible by checking the disc ID. The disc ID is the code (letters and numbers) that is located on the spine of the game box and is also printed on the disc itself and looks like this: BLES-00123 and may start with BCES, BLES, BLAS (Asia), BLUS (USA).

Only disc IDs containing the letter 'E' will work in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania. If your disc ID does not include the letter 'E', please contact the retailer for assistance.