Updated 8. juni 2016

How to redeem a voucher code

This article explains how to redeem a voucher code and contains some information that you should read before redeeming your code.

What are voucher codes?

A voucher code is a set of numbers and letters that can be used to top up your wallet, receive downloadable content, subscribe to a service or obtain discounts on purchases from PlayStation®Store.

You can receive a voucher code on a top up card purchased in a store, with a game disc, in an email or from a website.

Before you redeem your voucher code, please note the following:

  • If you have a voucher code with a silver panel covering the code this needs to be scratched off with a coin. Do not peel it off. If you attempt to peel the silver off, you may damage the code printed underneath. This may make the code unreadable and you may find that you are unable to redeem it.
  • Sub accounts do not have wallets, so a voucher code for wallet top up redeemed on a sub account will be credited to the associated master account wallet. However, content voucher codes can be applied to the sub account provided the content is of the appropriate age rating.
  • Please note that the voucher code must be for the same country as your Sony Entertainment Network account. For example, if your Sony Entertainment Network account was set up in France, you will only be able to use voucher codes specifically created for use on French accounts.
  • You can only use a voucher code once. You can find out if a voucher code has been used already by checking the transaction history of your account (the voucher code is displayed on the transaction detail) or by attempting to redeem it. Do not attempt to redeem the code on any account other than the account that you want to code to be added to in case it has not been redeemed, as we cannot transfer mistakenly added funds or content between accounts.
  • If the voucher code has been used you will receive a pop up error message when you try to redeem it stating that the voucher code is invalid. If a voucher code appears to be used, though you believe you have not redeemed it, please check the voucher code troubleshooting FAQ for a solution.

How do I redeem a voucher code?

Go to [Account Management] on your PlayStation system or [Wallet] on the SEN Account Management website.

If you would like step by step instructions, select the device you will be using to redeem your voucher.

Having problems?

If the voucher code was for wallet funds and your account does not appear to be topped up click here.

If the voucher code was for downloadable content and you have not received the content click here.