Updated 9. listopadu 2015

How to use web browser or PlayStation App to place parental controls on sub accounts.

This article explains how to set up PlayStation Network account parental controls, which operate independently from console parental controls, PEGI (games) ratings or BBFC (videos) ratings.


Master accounts have the option of creating up to 6 associated sub accounts for users under the age of 18. The master account may restrict their associated sub accounts' access to many PlayStation Network and console features. This means that there are two different sorts of parental controls that we recommend you set up - account parental controls and console parental controls.

As the controls covered in this article are on the account, not the PlayStation system, once they have been set, the changes automatically sync when the sub account holder accesses PlayStation Network on any PlayStation system. The sub account holder cannot change parental controls, so after you have set them up they will only be changed if you choose to change them from your own master account.

How do I set up sub account parental controls?

You can reach Account Management in a number of ways:

  • PlayStation App

Tap [PlayStation Store] on the home screen and go to [Online ID] > [Account Settings].

  • PlayStation Store

Go to PlayStation Store. Sign in, go to your Online ID at the top of the page and click [Account Settings].

  • Account Management website

Click here and sign in for the account management site.

  1. Go to the Account tab and select Sub Accounts from the links on the left of the screen.
  2. Select the account you want to edit from the drop-down menu in the 'Parental Controls' section and select 'Edit'.
  3. Select the ‘Monthly Spending Limit’, plus select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to ‘Restrict Chat’ from the drop-down menus and select ‘Save’.
  4. You will receive an on-screen confirmation message when the Parental Controls have been saved.