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PlayStation®Video Usage Restrictions

PlayStation®Video is subject to a few restrictions depending on whether you have rented or purchased your video, which device you would like to use and the definition of your video (3D, HD or SD).

PlayStation®Video compatible devices

You may only download or stream PlayStation®Video videos to devices that are activated on your SEN account. You cannot copy videos to any device that is not listed below.

You may activate a number of devices to play video up to the limits detailed below.

  • Any combination of up to seven (7) of the following devices:
  • PS3™ systems
  • Portable PlayStation systems (PSP, PlayStation®TV or PlayStation®Vita)
  • Xperia™ mobile devices
  • Sony Tablet
  • Windows PCs with Media Go installed
  • Any number of the following devices for streaming only:
  • PS4™ systems
  • Sony Home Cinema Entertainment Systems*
  • Sony Blu-ray disc players*
  • PC/Mac using Web browser

* BRAVIA® Internet Video Link (BIVL) devices only.

PlayStation®Video video format compatibility

Some videos may be available for download or stream only or may not be available in all formats.

PlayStation®Store may allow you to rent or purchase a video to download or stream to another device later. When doing so, please make sure that you purchase or rent the right format for the device that you want to view the video on, as we do not provide a refunds in line with the store cancellation policy.

Compatibility is shown on the product detail screen. However, the following rules apply in general:

  • PS4™

Rental & Purchase - Stream in HD (1080p) or SD

  • PS3™

Rental & Purchase - Download in HD (1080p), SD or 3D. Stream in HD (up to 900p) or SD.

  • PlayStation®Vita

Rental & Purchase - Download in SD

  • PlayStation®TV

Rental & Purchase - Download in SD

  • PSP

Rental & Purchase - Download in SD

  • Sony Tablet

Rental & Purchase - Download or Stream in SD

  • PC via MediaGo

Rental & Purchase - Download in SD

  • PC/Mac using web browser

Rental & Purchase - Stream in SD

  • Xperia smartphone

Rental & Purchase - Download or Stream in SD

  • BRAVIA® Internet Video Link device

Rental - Stream in SD or HD (up to 1080p)

How long you have to stream or view videos

Rented videos

  • You have a 30 day rental period to start viewing your video. This period starts from the time you pay for the rental.
  • Once you have begun viewing the video, you have 48 hours within which to finish watching it (provided the 30 day rental period does not end before the 48 hour viewing period).
  • Changing the device on which you are viewing rented content and deactivating and activating devices does not extend the rental period.

Purchased videos

Purchased videos are yours to keep, so you may watch them as many times as you like, although there are a couple of restrictions:

  • You can only watch the video on a compatible device, which is activated on your Sony Entertainment Network account.
  • In exceptional circumstances, we may have to remove a video from PlayStation®Store and Sony Entertainment Network Store. This may occur, for instance, where we are requested to remove a video by the owner/licensor of its content or by a video ratings body. In these circumstances, videos that you have purchased may become unavailable to download and stream from your library, PlayStation®Store and Sony Entertainment Network Store. This will not affect purchased videos that you have downloaded and not deleted from your device. As a result, you should download purchased videos immediately after purchase to all compatible, activated devices on which you would like to keep a copy.

Viewing rented videos


Once you have started to stream a rented video:

  • You can stop playback and continue streaming on another compatible activated device.
  • If the 48 hour viewing period expires, you cannot stream a video to the same device or to another device without renting it again.
  • Once you have downloaded a video, you no longer have the option to stream or download it again, unless you rent it again.


You may view a downloaded rented video as many times as you like during the 48 hour viewing period, subject to the following conditions:

  • If you begin to download a rented video you cannot download or stream it to another device without renting it again.
  • You cannot download a video if you have started streaming it to a BRAVIA® Internet Video Link device.
  • If you have started streaming the video to any device other than a BRAVIA® Internet Video Link device, you may download it to any compatible activated device.
  • If you have not started streaming the video you may download it to compatible activated device.


If you have begun to download a rented video to a device, you cannot re-download it to any device whether you have begun playback on a downloaded copy or not. You need to rent the video again if you wish to download to another device.

Viewing purchased videos


You may stream purchased videos to activated devices compatible with streaming the video format as many times as you like, subject to title and network availability. You may stream your videos to one device at a time. Starting playback on a second device will stop playback on the first.

Downloading and re-downloading

You may download and re-download purchased videos to all of your compatible activated devices as many times as you like, subject to title and network availability.