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PlayStation®Store and Sony Entertainment Network Store Cancellation Policy

Your right to cancel purchases and claim a refund to your wallet depends on the type of product you have purchased from PlayStation®Store.

Purchases that you cannot cancel
Wallet top ups and purchases of digital content are final. This means that we will not credit your wallet, refund any wallet balance or transfer funds or content to another account, unless required to by local law.

Digital content includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • wallet top-ups
  • games
  • game add-ons
  • videos and Video Unlimited
  • Music Unlimited
  • pre-orders, once the release date has arrived

When you purchase digital content you do not have the right to cancel your purchase because you are receiving access to the content immediately (even if you do not download it straight away).

We will let you know whether you can cancel your purchase before the transaction is complete and your wallet funds debited.

We recommend that you take care when you top up your wallet or make a purchase on PlayStation®Store. A number of account features are available so you can keep track of your account activity. Click on a feature to find out more about it:

Purchases that you can cancel
You can cancel some services purchased on the PlayStation®Store that are not classed as digital content, for example PlayStation®Plus.

You may also be able to cancel a pre-order before the release date. See more information about cancelling a pre-order here.

Your right to cancel
You can cancel the service up to 14 days after the original purchase date. This 14 day limit includes any free trial you took advantage of when you signed up. For example, you sign up for a free trial which lasts 7 days and your wallet is debited for the subscription at the end of the trial, you will have 7 days after your wallet was debited to cancel.

If you have paid for a subscription service and wish to cancel within the 14 day limit you will receive a pro-rata credit to your wallet. This means that we will credit your wallet with the full amount originally paid, but deduct an amount to cover your use of the service.

How to cancel a service
Contact us and provide the following information on or before the 14th day after signing-up for the service:

Description of product

  • Your name
  • Your Online ID
  • Your Sign-In ID
  • Order number
  • Total purchase price

You can also send us a completed copy of the form located here.

It may take up to 14 days for your wallet to be credited after we receive your request.

To find out the product information requested either check your transaction history using one of the methods listed here or refer to the purchase confirmation email you received when you made your purchase.

If you cancel after the 14 day limit expires we cannot refund your wallet.