Updated 25 Юли 2017

Information about your Online ID

This article explains what an Online ID is, what to do if you are creating one for the first time and why it can’t be changed after creation.


What is an Online ID?

Your Online ID is shown when you play online games and use other online features and is unique to your Sony Entertainment Network account.

Your PlayStation Network profile is linked to your online ID which means that all of your purchases and account activity are also linked to it.

You cannot:

  • change an Online ID once it has been created
  • set up a second SEN account linked to an existing Online ID
  • create a second online ID linked with an existing SEN account

How do I choose my Online ID?

Please bear in mind the following when choosing your Online ID:

  • You cannot change your Online ID once it has been created, so choose carefully.
  • Your Online ID must be three to 16 characters and can consist of letters, numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_).
  • We recommend that you do not use an Online ID that might personally identify you to other users.
  • We do not allow vulgar or offensive Online IDs that violate the Community Code of Conduct. If you have an offensive or vulgar Online ID you may find that your account or PlayStation system is banned in line with the Community Code of Conduct.
  • You may find that your first few choices of Online ID have been chosen by another user. Be patient and make as many attempts as you need to until you are happy with your chosen Online ID - don’t forget you can’t change it once you’ve decided.

Why can’t I change my Online ID?

Once you have created your Online ID, you cannot change it. This is because changing your Online ID will cause the following problems:

  • Your Friends List is associated with your online ID and will be lost if it is changed.
  • Your Trophies are associated with your online ID and will be lost if it is changed.
  • A new Online ID may not be recognised by some game servers, so you may lose access to some games. We cannot predict the titles may be affected by this.

If you want to change your Online ID we recommend setting up a new account and choosing a new Online ID to ensure these problems do not occur. You can share downloaded content across both accounts, so you will still have access to all of your purchased content. This option is not available on PS Vita, PS TV or PSP as these systems only allow one local user account. However, we cannot transfer your Friends List or Trophies to your new account.