Updated 25 Юли 2017

Information about verified accounts

This article explains everything you need to know about verified accounts


What are verified accounts?

Verified accounts belong to people like gaming personalities and games developers or titles. When we verify a user, we check that they are who they say they are. This means that you can be confident that you are following the right person. However, please note that PlayStation does not approve verified account messages and may not share the views expressed by a verified account holder.

When you follow a verified account you will see updates on the What’s New area of your PlayStation 4 or you can check a verified account’s activity in the [Following] section of [Friends]. This activity may include details of new products and services that you might need to pay for.

When you follow a verified account you will have access to activity feeds offering updates, information on events and even sneak peeks from game developers and publishers. Your own user generated content might even get shared by the verified account holder and be seen by hundreds or thousands of other followers.

Sub accounts cannot currently see verified account options or follow a verified account. This is because some verified accounts may post activity related to game titles that are unsuitable for younger PlayStation Network users.

How do I know if an account is verified?

All verified accounts will have a follow button below the profile picture and a ‘tick’ icon next to the account name:

How do I follow a verified account?

Simply select [Follow] on the player profile screen of the verified account you want to follow. You will see suggested accounts to follow on your PlayStation 4 system’s What’s New area or in Friends.

How many verified accounts can I follow?

You can follow a very large number of verified accounts, so you don’t need to worry about reaching the limit.

How do I unfollow an account?

Simply go to the account profile page from the [Following] section of [Friends] or from a What’s New post and select [Following]. You will then see the option to [Follow] as you are no longer following the account.

How do I get my account verified?

Verified accounts are by invitation only. This means that PlayStation will ask high profile people in the gaming community if they would like a verified account. We cannot verify your account if you ask us to.