Updated 25 Юли 2017

How to use web browser/PlayStation App to change a sub account password

This article explains how a sub account holder can change their password on web browser or PlayStation App.


Sub account holders cannot change their password if it has been forgotten; the master account can use web browser/PlayStation App to change the sub account password.

If you have a sub account and you know your password, follow these steps to change it:

You can reach Account Management in a number of ways:

  • PlayStation App

Tap [PlayStation Store] on the home screen and go to [Online ID] > [Account Settings].

  • PlayStation Store

Go to PlayStation Store. Sign in, go to your Online ID at the top of the page and click [Account Settings].

  • Account Management website

Click here and sign in for the account management site.

  1. Select the Account tab and click on the Account Details link on the left of the screen.
  2. Click Change Password in the ‘Security’ section of the ‘Account Details’ page.
  3. Choose a new password and confirm it.
  4. You can now sign-in to your account using your new password.


Having problems changing your Password?

  • This may be because you have lost internet connection or because PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance. Check your internet connection and check for maintenance.
  • If you receive an email notifying you that the sub account password has changed, check with the associated account holder and contact us if neither of you changed the password.