Updated 25 Юли 2017

How to use PlayStation TV to limit who can contact you over PlayStation Network

This article explains how to use PS TV to change Privacy Settings so that other PlayStation Network users can or cannot contact you.


Master account and sub account holders can limit how visible they are to other users on PlayStation Network and who they receive communications from using ‘Privacy Settings’. The aspects that can be altered include the following:

  • Messages
  • Friend requests
  • Voice and video chat invitations
  • Invitations to play online
  • Trophies

If you are a master account holder you cannot set parental controls on your associated sub accounts to limit the aspects of PlayStation Network listed above. Privacy Settings can only be changed through the sub account itself.

How do I change privacy settings?

  1. Go to [Settings] > [Start] > [PlayStation Network] > [Privacy Settings].
  2. Select who you would like to receive Friend Requests and Messages from and select ‘Confirm’.

Please note that selecting ‘No One’ will mean that you will not receive any invitations or requests from any PlayStation Network users, including those on your Friends List.