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На пазара

Присъедини се към племето Horizon Zero Dawn

Включи се и открий експертни съвети за това как да създадеш автентичен Aloy косплей костюм.  

Triangle Circle Shapes
Square Cross Shapes

Tribal style

Aloy cosplay hints and tips

Looking for cosplay inspiration to join the Horizon Zero Dawn tribe? Check out our tips in the gallery below or download Guerrilla Games’ Aloy cosplay guide.

To see some of the tribal art and incredible cosplay outfits already created by the Horizon Zero Dawn community, take a look at our Storify feed further down this page, where your pictures could be featured.

For more inspiration – or to submit your own pictures and artwork – get connected with the official Guerrilla Games Twitter feed and Facebook pages.


In focus

The finer details of Aloy’s outfit


Tribal art

Creations from the community

The team at Guerrilla Games love all the fan art inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn – send them your creations via Twitter or Facebook and they could re-tweet them to the world and include your pictures in the gallery below.