• PS4
  • Also on PS3

Strike at the heart of warring superpowers embroiled in an arms race in this high-stakes action adventure.

  • Премиерна дата : TBC
  • Жанр : Action
  • Издател : SCEE
  • Разработчик : Dynamighty
  • Also on PS3
2 COLUMN CounterSpy PS4

The clock is ticking…

As a member of the C.O.U.N.T.E.R. agency, you must put your espionage skills to the test and infiltrate the lairs of the superpowers to thwart their dastardly plans to nuke the moon. Do you have what it takes to save humanity from doomsday?

Link the mobile version of CounterSpy with the PS4 version to unlock items and weapons - and become the greatest secret agent in the world...

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  • Cross-Buy (PS4 -> PS Vita)

    Cross-Buy (PS4 -> PS Vita)

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    Cross-Buy (PS4 -> PS3)

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    Cross-Save (PS4 -> PS Vita)

  • Cross-Save (PS4 -> PS3)

    Cross-Save (PS4 -> PS3)

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От 1 юни 2018 г. вече няма да можеш да ползваш онлайн функциите за тази игра, включително свързване с PSN профил от мобилно устройство, точки от Rival Agents и трофея „International Nemesis“.