• PS3
  • Also on PS4

Become the ultimate spy in a mission to prevent all-out war between the world's super powers.

  • Премиерна дата : TBC
  • Жанр : Action
  • Издател : SCEE
  • Разработчик : Dynamighty
  • Also on PS4
CounterSpy Featured Image
  • Save humanity from doomsday as a stealthy member of the shadowy C.O.U.N.T.E.R. agency entering a world gripped by a tense Cold War.
  • Infiltrate new enemy bases every time - levels are generated as you explore and each play-through is different.
  • Compete against friends in Rival Spy mode - can you climb the leader boards?
  • Enjoy retro‐styled platform action as classic side-scrolling gameplay meets innovative 3D combat.
  • Cross-Save your progress across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita - and also connect with the mobile version of CounterSpy (available separately on iOS and Android).
  • 1080p


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От 1 юни 2018 г. вече няма да можеш да ползваш онлайн функциите за тази игра, включително свързване с PSN профил от мобилно устройство, точки от Rival Agents и трофея „International Nemesis“.