PlayStation™Now - Streaming Game Service on Consoles | FAQ
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What is the current state of PlayStation™Now (PS Now)?
PS Now began its Open Beta rollout on July 31, 2014 with game streaming rentals and is now live on PlayStation®4 (PS4™), PlayStation®3 (PS3™), PlayStation®TV (PS TV), PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) and select Sony TV’s.  On 1/13/15 the PlayStation Now game streaming subscription is to be released first on the PS4 system.  Consumers will be able to choose to individually rent games from a catalog of hundreds of PS3 titles or subscribe to get access to a catalog of over 100 PS3 games with unlimited play.

What are your goals for the Open Beta?
We are opening PS Now to all of our devoted fans to help us roll-out our game streaming platform and gather feedback to ensure PS Now provides the best experience possible.

What devices will be supported and when?
Currently PlayStation Now is in Open Beta on: PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PS TV and select Sony TVs.  PS Now will also be available on select Samsung Smart TVs in the first half of 2015. At CES 2015 we announced that PlayStation Now will also be launching on 2015 Sony Blu-ray players and 2015 Sony Televisions.

What games are available?
Currently there are over 200 PS3 games available for individual rental and over 100 PS3 games available inside the subscription catalog. Games span a variety of genres, from action to RPG and everything in-between, offering something for everyone.   

What do I need to play PS Now?
- A steady broadband Internet connection ranging between 5-12Mbps
 - A Sony Entertainment Network Account (available for free at
 - A DUALSHOCK 3 or 4 wireless controller.  See devices page at for instructions on which model of the DUALSHOCK your PS Now enabled device supports

What kind of internet connection do I need?
We highly recommend a steady internet connection between 5-12Mbps.  Also, the lower ping that your connection has, the better streaming experience you will have.  PS Now supports both Wi-Fi and wired (Ethernet) connections, and we recommend a wired connection for the best possible experience.

Where will PS Now be available?
PS Now is available in select areas of continental U.S. and Canada on PS4, PS3, PS TV, PS Vita systems, and select 2014 Sony TVs.  In 2015 Now will also launch on 2015 Sony Blu-ray players and 2015 Samsung Televisions.

How do I troubleshoot my connection?
To maximize your connection we recommend:
- Hardwiring your device via an ethernet cable
- Suspending other bandwidth intensive services: i.e. large downloads or streaming services
- Running the connection test found on your device to ensure you meet the bandwidth requirements

Can PS Now be seen as a backwards compatibility feature on PS4?
No.  PS Now is a stand-alone service offering the ability to seamlessly stream PS3 games on a variety of enabled devices.

How much is PS Now?
PS Now offers multiple ways to experience game streaming, - there is an option that will meet everyone’s’ budget and gaming needs.

With game streaming rentals, you can rent individual games from a growing library of over 200 PS3 titles.  Most games can be rented for a full week for about $1 a day.  Additionally, shorter rental periods start as low as $1.99.  Longer duration 30 and 90 day rentals are also available.

The PS Now game streaming subscription is a separate offering and has two membership plans.  Each gives you all-you-can-play gaming inside a catalog of over 100 PS3 games.  Users can choose from a $19.99 per month subscription, or a three month subscription for $44.99 (about $15 a month).

How does PlayStation®Plus fit in with PS Now?
PS Now is a separate service to PlayStation Plus

Does PS Now offer multiplayer?
Yes, local co-op and online multiplayer is playable on PS Now as long as the game you are playing supports it.

What games are available with PS Now?
Check for the most up to date lists for rentals and subscription

Are there any benefits for being a PlayStation Plus member?
At this time PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are separate services. 

Do users need to be a PS Plus subscriber to enjoy PS3 online multiplayer titles via PS Now on their PS4 systems?
No. Users do not have to be a PS Plus member to enjoy PS3 online multiplayer titles on any PS Now compatible device.

Can I save and resume my game?
Yes.  Your game saves are stored indefinitely in our cloud storage system allowing you to pick up your game save, on any enabled PlayStation Now device.

What Sony TV models are PS Now enabled?
We are supporting nearly all 2014 models of Sony TVs.
-    XBR-X950B series, XBR-X900B series, XBR-X800B series, KDL-W950B series, KDL-W850B series, KDL-W800B series, KDL-W700B series, KDL-W600B series

-  In 2015 Now will support the following 2015 Blu-ray models:BDP-S6500, BDP-S5500, BDP-S3500, BDP-S1500

We will support the following 2015 Sony TV models:

-  4K: XBR X900C Series/XBR X910C, XBR-X930 Series/X940C, XBR-X850C Series, XBR-X830C Series

-  HD:  KDL-75W850C, KDL-65W850C, KDL-55W850C, KDL-50W850C, KDL-48 W700C, KDL-40W700C

How do I connect a controller to my Sony TV?
Pair a DUALSHOCK 3 controller to your 2014 BRAVIA TV by connecting it with a mini-USB cable.

Who can I contact with questions about PlayStation Now?
Please visit our chat support at

PlayStation Now Subscription

What is it?
The PS Now game streaming subscription gives members instant access to a catalog of over 100 PS3 games, with unlimited play of those titles. The catalog will evolve over time with new titles being introduced for members to enjoy. 

What device is the PS Now subscription available on?
The service will be first available on the PS4 system starting 1/13/15 and gradually rolling out to other PlayStation Now enabled devices.  A fun fact: if you subscribe on your PS4 system, you will be able to get access to all those games on other PS Now enabled devices. (PS3, PS Vita, PS TV and select Sony TVs) – just look them up in the rental game library and as long as they are games in the subscription catalog they will be playable for no extra charge. 

How do I get the subscription?
Download the PS Now subscription app for your PS4 system from either the PlayStation®Store on your PS4, or via the PlayStation web store [Get it here].  Once in the app, follow the onscreen instructions to receive your free 7 day trial. A credit card is required to redeem your 7 day free trial.

What is the difference between PS Now rentals and subscription?
With the subscription you get unlimited access to a catalog of over 100 PS3 games to play as much as you like.  Rentals give you the option to rent a specific game for a set period of time from a library of over 200 PS3 games.  Some games will be available both in the subscription and for rental, but there will be additional games available in the rental library not found in the subscription.

[X game] is available to rent, but is not available on the PS Now subscription. Why is that?
A: PlayStation Now offers choice in how consumers want to experience game streaming, as well as how many and which gaming experiences they are interested in.  PlayStation Now rentals and subscription offer complementary models to suit different gaming habits and budgets.  PlayStation Now subscription service will offer subscribers with over 100 PS3 games to play and the rental library will continue to offer hundreds of PS3 games to stream.

Do I need to subscribe to rent games?
No.  Individual games can be rented through PS Now without the need to be a subscriber.  Subscription and individual rentals are two independent offerings giving users a choice based on their gaming needs. 

Are the same games in rentals and subscription?
Games in the subscription catalog can also be found in the rental catalog for individual rentals for those who may not wish to subscribe.  There are hundreds of individual games for rent, so even if you are a subscriber, be sure to visit the rental section to find additional games you may be interested in renting.

How many games are available in subscription?
The PS Now subscription will have over 100PS3 games at launch and games will be added to the catalog over time.  See the full launch catalog here

What are the different purchase plans available with subscription?
There are two plans available.  A one month plan is $19.99, or for the best value, purchase a three month plan for $44.99, about $15/month.

What comes with the subscription?
Unlimited gameplay of all games in the subscription catalog for as long as you are a paying subscriber.

How do I enter for a chance to win a 1-year subscription to PlayStation Now?
Download the free PlayStation Now Dynamic theme from the PlayStation Store or Web Store before 1/31/15 and you will be automatically entered to win a 1-year subscription.  Full rules and details here:

How do I cancel my subscription?
All you need to do is turn off auto-renew for PS Now on your PS4 system:

-  First navigate to your  (Settings) and press the  button.

-  Navigate to the  icon, and press the  button.

-  Next go to the [Account Information] option and press the button.

-  Now choose the [Services List] option and press the  button.

-  Highlight the selected service you would like to cancel and press the  button.

-  Highlight the line item marked as "Subscription" and press the button.

-  The [Cancel Automatic Renewal] option is highlighted at the bottom of the screen. Press the button on your controller to cancel the subscription.

If I cancel my subscription, do I keep my trophies?
Yes.  Just like on your other PlayStation systems once you earn a trophy, they are tied to your SEN ID.

If I cancel my subscription, what happens to my save data?
PS Now includes cloud game saves which will keep your game save data stored in the cloud.  You’ll be able to resume your game in future sessions.

Is there a free trial for PlayStation Now subscriptions?
Yes.  Currently, all subscribers receive a FREE 7 day trial through the app on their PS4 system.  Subscribers will be asked to pick a plan and may cancel before the expiration of their trial to avoid billing.

Is there a limit to the number of games I can stream in a month with my PS Now subscription?
No.  With the subscription you get all-you-can-play gaming within the subscription catalog.

How many devices can I have active on my PS Now subscription?
Any PS Now enabled device that is associated with the subscribing SEN ID will be able to access your subscription games.

How many games can I stream simultaneously as part of my PS Now subscription?
You can jump between as many games as you like, but can only stream one game at a time.

How often are new games added to my PS Now subscription?
Initially we will be adding games on a monthly basis. 

Are games ever removed from my PS Now subscription?
We have no current plans to remove titles.  That said, the PS Now subscription will evolve and in some cases it may be necessary to remove titles from time to time.  In the event that this happens, we will work with our publishing partners to give subscription members advanced warning when possible.

Will PSone, PlayStation®2, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), or PS Vita games be added to PS Now subscription?
At this time we are focusing on bringing users great games from our huge PS3 catalog. We will continue to monitor feedback and interest in content from other platforms. 

Can I request a certain game be added to PlayStation Now subscription?
Please feel free to give your input inside the PlayStation Now Forums