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PlayStation™Now PS4™, PS3™, PS Vita and PS TV™ Open Beta Now Live!

Seize Your Moment™

Play select PS3 games like you already stream TV, movies and music - directly to your favorite PlayStation™Now compatible device. On your PS4™ and PS3™ find PlayStation Now integrated into the PlayStation Store. On your PS Vita and PS TV™ download the PS Now App here.


  • Streaming Games

    With the freedom of game streaming you can play games with no downloads, patches, installs or trips to the store required, giving you the freedom to game whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Expanding Game Library

    With PlayStation Now, you will be able to stream and play great games like Final Fantasy XIII, Dead Island: Riptide, Killzone 3, Darksiders II, and Guacamelee; along with more than 150 other games coming to the service.

  • Compatible Devices

    Boasting an expanding lineup of compatible devices starting with PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita, Sony TV's and PlayStation®TV, you will be able to play immersive PlayStation®3 games like you never have before.

  • Variety of Rental Periods

    Choose the rental period that best fits into your play style. Sample a game with a 4 hour rental or go deep with a longer duration. Rent most games for a week for about a dollar a day.

  • Cloud Game Saves

    Save your game indefinitely on our cloud servers and resume your progress on any PlayStation™Now enabled device.

  • PSN Integration

    With PlayStation™Now’s PSN and PS Store integration, earn and sync trophies, access your friends list, and checkout with the PS Wallet.